2019 Delegations

Women in Law Enforcement

March 3-6, 2019

IVLP- Indonesia

Criminal Evidence Management

March 16-20, 2019

IVLP- Georgia


March 21-26, 2019

IVLP- Europe

Global Health Security

April 1-4, 2019

IVLP- Multiregional

Crisis Management and Resilience in Coastal India

April 9-12, 2019

IVLP- India

Edward E Murrow Journalism

April 16-20, 2019

IVLP- Multiregional

Intellectual Property Rights

May 18-22, 2019

IVLP- Uzbekistan

Where Government Meets the People

June 9-13, 2019

IVLP- Burma


July 10-24, 2019

Iraqi Youth Leaders Exchange Program

Transparency and Accountability in Government

August, 2019

IVLP- Multiregional

Peacebuilding and Community Resilience

August 12-26, 2019

Iraqi Youth Leaders Exchange Program

The Rule of Law and Effective Victim Advocacy in Criminal Justice

Dates TBA

IVLP- Kosovo