Traditions: Latin America and the Caribbean Art Show

From February 25 thru March 25, International Focus is proud to host the virtual art show Traditions: Latin America and the Caribbean

Please join us for opening night of the International Art Show of Raleigh featuring  the art and influence of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The theme of this show is Traditions.

Traditions link us with our past and give us something to hand down to future generations.  These traditions could be religious rituals, national holidays, family events, sports or organizational festivities.  They may be shared experiences or perhaps traditions that do not match your truth or realities.  No matter the reason, traditions connect us to both our past and future, providing us with comfort and familiarity. 

This free virtual opening night event will feature dance performances, interviews, and the artwork of Latin America and the Caribbean.  It will be hosted by Raleigh’s own Jessica Coscia.


Learn more and register for the virtual opening night HERE

Featured Artists

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