Babette Wainwright

Madison, WI

Babette Wainwright was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She came to the US in the late ’60s. She started painting market women at the age of nine. Her work reflects the strong beauty of her African ancestors. In 2000, she earned an MFA in Ceramics at the UW Madison. She has since been working in both mediums, using the female image as a vehicle for conveying her sense of up- rootedness, and her spirituality. Over the years Babette has participated in many exhibitions and has been honored with various grants, and a fellowship from the Wisconsin Arts Board. In 2001 she received an NCECA Merit Award for her ceramic sculpture “Low Tides”. Babette’s work is in various collections around the country. Besides painting and sculpture, Babette is a published writer and poet whose cultural dilemma remains her central theme. She lives in Madison with her life partner Kathy and their four hens. Her only child, Angela lives in Virginia.

Artist’s Statment

“I want my work to speak of survival, both of the human spirit and of the human culture. I want it to honor humankind ‘s rites of passage, and to anchor us to a common human experience. I create images and forms that are rooted in my ancestral past, and define beauty in terms of who I am, a Caribbean woman. I use my art to represent the eloquent storytellers of the world who speak of spirits and ancestors.”

Ti Mari

L 32.5” x W 13” 


Sel Lakay Ki Kraze

L 28” x W 10” 

Not for Sale

Night Whispers

L 19” x W 12” 

Not for Sale

Ezili Freda

L 14” x W 9” 

Not for Sale

Deep Blue Sea

L 36″ X W 8″