Chelsea Johnston

Chelsea Briannie Marie Johnston, born July 4th 1996 and better known as ‘Awtist or Chelskels di Awtist’, was gifted with a pair of what she calls “Golden Hands”. Johnston began her art journey at a tender age of eight years, where she drew a portrait of baby Flintstone. As she progressed through primary and secondary school, Chelsea would help out in the art division by decorating for plays or for her teachers. Community service plays a big role in her life, being that she grew up as a Girl Scout/Girl Guide in Belize. She now a Leader and soon to be Queen Guide of Belize. She uses her platform to promote positivity using art in the community. 

At the age of 19 years old, Chelsea discovered a new talent, painting. Chelsea had a phobia for painting until she came over those fears in her fundamental classes at SJCJC. With her persistence and drive for art, she can now paint better than she can draw even though she’s drawing almost her entire life. Johnston then used her gift to paint and sell her piece to pay for her tuition at SJCJC. 

Johnston left her 8-5 job at Maya Island Air to purse her dream as an Artist full time. At the age of 24, she is now the owner of Chelsea Johnston Designs. With the confidence, grace, perseverance and discipline that she earned over the years, Chelsea has now held exhibitions both locally and internationally, putting herself on the map globally. Johnston has also worked along with famous Musicians like Wayne Wonder and Christopher Martin to paint portraits and other commercial items. 

To close, being a self-taught artist, she would everyone to try a form of art. Like her, even when you think you can’t, you can over power your mind. You never know what you can or cannot do, without trying.

Artist’s Statement

“Work hard enough so you don’t need to introduce yourself.”

Birds of Paradise 

Not for Sale

Tree Frog

Not for Sale 

Scarlet Macaw

Not for Sale

Colorful Cabbage

Not for sale 

Colorful Tarpon

Not for sale


3.5×2 ft


Four Clowns Laughing

Not for Sale