Eve Chayes Lyman


Eve Chayes Lyman is an artist, documentary photographer, videographer and activist. She considers herself a citizen or the world but based in a small village outside of Antigua Guatemala. Her work has been shown in Los Angeles California and in Antigua Guatemala. She graduated from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston (SMFA) in 2014.

Artist’s Statment

“My art is deeply emotional in nature – responding to the world around and within me in a personal way. The inspiration for much of my work is found in the figure, with its infinite capacity to express and embody the complexity of what it means to be human. The naked body, vulnerable, unencumbered by context, time or place, has been a powerful vehicle, since time immemorial, for the depths of emotion and psyche contained within us all. My art expresses a passion for the humanness I have discovered in people from all walks of life, in all corners of the globe Making art is a journey into the unknown. The art I make is perhaps a result of all my thoughts, but when I make art, I never think. I pour myself into my work with an intensity that leaves little room for thought. What happens on my paper is almost an alchemical process, combining what is in my psyche with what I see in front of me and of course the medium itself. This series of acrylics has been painted during the last 2 years, inspired by the incredible, changing, beauty I see around me every day and the rich glowing colors and traditions of Guatemala.”

Website: www.EveLyman.com

Las semillas

Acrylic on Canvas

25 x31



Acrylic on Canvas

25 x 31


El jardín de nísperos

Acrylic on Canvas

21 x 22


El café

Acrylic on Canvas

29 x 23