October 2, 2019   7-9:30PM

My Story: Five short films of personal experience followed by a panel discussion with immigrants and refugees moderated by Jason DeBruyn.

October 9, 2019   7-9:30PM

New Shores: Five short films of life in a new country followed by a a panel discussion with organizations who serve refugees and immigrants moderated by Anita Rao.

October 16, 2019   7-9:30PM

Parallel Parking: Feature film by Aby Rao followed by a reception with series participants and filmmakers.

PLEASE NOTE: All tickets must be purchased in advance. There are no ticket sales at the event.

October 2

Scent of Geranium by Naghmeh Farzaneh

Immigration is a new chapter in one’s life, a chapter with unexpected events that can take one’s life down paths different from the one imagined. This film is an autobiographical account of the director’s experience with immigration.

Zain’s Summer: From Refugee to American Boy by Joshua Seftel

With the help of Jay-Z and Michael Jackson, a Pakistani refugee tries to blossom in his new surroundings. Made in partnership with the International Rescue Committee (rescue.org).

Audrey Assad: the daughter of a Syrian refugee by Blaine Hogan

Singer / Songwriter, Audrey Assad tells her family’s story of fleeing Syria and making a life in the United States.

George and Grace by Judd Ehrlich 

George was tortured in a Ugandan military prison for his activism against a brutal and oppressive regime. He escaped and fled to the U.S. where he met his wife, Grace, who was also a Ugandan refugee. They started a family in Arlington Heights, Illinois and befriended many in the community. But like many asylum seekers, George was detained again and his family feared he would be deported back into danger.

One Man’s Journey From Refugee to Mayor by Great Big Story

Helena, Montana has about 30,000 residents and Mayor Wilmot Collins wants to know what each and every one of them thinks. He meets with constituents the first Wednesday of every month, eager to hear firsthand how he can support and improve the community that gave his family a second chance. Collins’ own road to Helena was arduous and unexpected, and it all started in Liberia over 20 years ago.

October 9

Pa’lante by Wesley L. Rodríguez

After willing “El Bombo,” the Cuban-US immigration lottery, a grandfather and his granddaughter bid farewell to their native Cuba, giving life to the phrase “To Move Forward” or “Palante”.

Only the Moon/Solamente La Luna by Maya Cueva

A Peruvian man’s tale of immigration to the United States and the way his life unfolds afterward is conveyed through lovely animation, connecting his experience to current political rhetoric.

Kimchi by Jackson Segars

Marrying into a Korean-American family in disarray, a Japanese-American man hides away with his camera and discovers a hidden connection with his future grandfather-in-law.

And the Children Will Burn by Rodrigo Dorfman

Based on Ariel Dorfman’s poem and story about two children who play “waiting for the enemy” under the shadow of a dictatorship, “And the Children Will Burn” translates this situation of terror to undocumented children hiding in a safe house somewhere in the New South.

The Waltz by Trevor Zhou

An immigrant mother faces an out of control hoarding compulsion and a crumbling marriage. She stumbles upon waltz lessons and tries to reclaim her life through dance. This short film is a universal story encompassing the importance of family, personal struggle and the immigration experience.

October 16

Parallel Parking by Aby Rao – 7PM

Dechen, an undocumented worker, and Oscar, a truck driver plagued by addiction, are immigrants to the United States who arrived under traumatic circumstances. Oscar teaches Dechen to drive, and Dechen provides companionship and support to Oscar through his failing health. Their relationship develops and deepens across identity differences due to reciprocity and their shared love of food.

Reception with Filmmakers -8:15PM

Join us for drinks and hors d’oevres with filmmakers and participants. Music by Lost Nomads.