Leslie Todd

Oxford, NC

Les Todd is a North Carolina native currently living in Oxford, NC. He began a career in photojournalism with the Washington (NC) Daily News in the mid-1970s and later spent more than 30 years as a staff photographer at Duke University. He was introduced to the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala after his wife Catherine traveled there in 3006 and he enjoys selling beadwork made in that region at street fairs and festivals in North Carolina and surrounding states.  Les travels to Guatemala twice a year. When not visiting bead shops there, he enjoys long walks and birdwatching. Atitlan Arts/Guatemalan Arts and Crafts sells beadwork and other crafts hand made by Mayan artisans in the western highlands of Guatemala around Lake Atitlan.  Their products include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories, keychains, ornaments, and figurines. The business was founded by Catherine Todd in 2008. Everything is sewn by hand using beading thread and Czech glass beads. Some bracelets and other items are woven using a small loom made of wood and plastic combs. The figurines are sewn together to make a “skin” which is then sewn over rolled up plastic baggies or a hard rubber that is carved to shape. Details like eyes, legs, or wings are typically added after the body is finished.

Website: www.atitlanarts.com

Cherry Blossom beaded loop necklace

10.5″x6″; loop has 6″ diameter


Ocean wave bracelet

7-7.5″x2″ (adjustable length)


Three Rose Bead loop necklace

8″x5″; loop has 6″ diameter


x-large hummingbird ornament

6″x3″ including loop


Red fuschia lariat necklace

18″x3″ as worn


Large peacock figurine



Medium sea turtle figurine



Large Lizard figure



Large frog figurine – blue



Three Square bracelet

7-7.5″x2″ (adjustable length)