Maguy Servian

Hello, I’m Maguy Servian. I’m a designer, entrepreneur, and the founder of Warany. Warany is a social business, we create modern handcrafted products with artisan’s communities from my country, Paraguay.

Artist’s Statement

“Nature inspires us to create, and that it can be transformed into a unique product. We want to protect and share our culture, and with our work, give the world a perspective that belongs to this part of Earth.”

Ñanduti Hexagon Frame

the hexagon shape frame of the ñanduti, a traditional paraguayan lace. The name means “spider web” in Guaraní, the official, indigenous language of Paraguay.

 Depth: 1cm. Height: 19cm. Width: 17cm.


Agatha Tote Bag

a woven beach bag, handmade with natural palm leaves (called karanda’y) and a handle cover with cotton thread. With the detail of a leaf tassel.

 Depth: 15cm. Handle Drop: 15cm. Height: 25cm. Width: 40cm.


Peteï Shoulder Bag

An everyday bag, handmade with cotton fabric pieces (named poyvi), with details in leather such as the handle and an internal pocket. It has a zipper closure.

Depth: 7cm. Handle Drop: 50cm. Height: 20cm. Width: 25cm.