Nilson de Assis Magalhaes

Rio de Janiero, Brazil 

Nilson who lives just outside Rio has been making metal and stone art to wear and to adorn the home for more than 25 years. Every aspect of this art is handcrafted from raw materials. The metal is treated to prevent tarnishing. You can see more of his work and learn about his life at You will find his collection for sale at this site.

Artist’s Statement

“For more than 25 years, I have wanted to make the most beautiful items possible for people to enjoy. I work every day on designs and often think about nature for my ideas. My family encourages me to do this work. My love for them is included in each thing I make. My hope is that you see beauty and peace in all I make.”



Known as Lily, this alpaca silver necklace with moonstone settings slips on easily and can be shaped within reason.



Known as Ivy, the delicate alpaca silver bracelet with green amazonite, natural crystal and amethyst settings is adjustable to fit.



Known as Cleopatra, this alpaca silver necklace with the centerpiece setting of amethyst is intricately designed.


Phlox Necklace

Known as Phlox, this necklace is made of brass and contains a beautiful design of semiprecious stones. Easily slips on from behind the neck and adjustable shape within reason.



Made of alpaca silver with semi-precious stones, this holder is perfect for napkins or letters.


Alpa Amaryllis

Known as Amaryllis, this bracelet is made of alpaca silver with a variety of semi-precious stones including lapis lazuli, aquamarine, citrine and amethyst.



Known as Rose, this ring is made of alpaca silver with amethyst settings. Easily adjusted to fit.


Wine Cork

An outstanding way to close that delicious bottle of wine with a beautiful metal and stone wine work. The metal is alpaca silver with settings of moonstone, citrine and amethyst.


 Crocus Ring

Known as Crocus, this ring is made of brass with aquamarine and amethyst settings, this ring is easily adjusted.


Brass Mezzuzah

Made of brass metal with an aquamarine setting, the mezuzah is a symbol of the Jewish faith frequently placed near doors entering a room.