Shante Stewart

Durham, NC

I grew up in a military family and we moved frequently; however been living in Durham, North Carolina for over 15 years. I attended North Carolina Central University with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Art Education. My art career started in my elementary school years painting right beside my mother; however pick up art professionally again around 2005.  

I love to explore the world of The Arts, from visual, music or Theater. Currently, I am an art teacher in Durham Public Schools for 4 years. Although I am a freelance artist my medium specialty is acrylic paint. I love to do abstract, but also love the challenges of portrait. When I am not doing my own personal art, I enjoy doing Art Paint Parties and doing live paintings.

King Tut

Side paint on canvas state of KIng Tut/ charcoal background



Queen Cleopatra

teal background Bust painting on canvas replica of Queen Cleo



Queen Cailifia

golden and blue contrast painted of canvas bust of Queen Califia