Sophia age 2

Sophia age 4

Sophia’s Corner is the Festival area for all things KID. Named for the Festival Director’s 4-year old niece, who once visited an event and indignantly proclaimed it had “nothing for little kids”, this area strives to provide fun and engaging activities for young visitors. Sophia, now going on 17, approves 🙂


Passport Scavenger Hunt: “Travel the world” to collect clues and receive stamps in your passport. Once you have collected ten clues, head to the US passport office to be certified as a Citizen of the World!

Virtual Reality Global Tours: Experience global sceneries in virtual reality as if you were there in person!

Chalk Impressions: Create your masterpiece/s on the blackboard walls.

Games and Activities: Participate in arts and crafts and games with a global flair!

Trampoline Fun: Jump and twist with Springfree Trampolines

Dance and Celebrate with Marcie the Balloon Fairy and Kenny the Stiltwalker!

Friday International Field Trip


Naturalization Ceremony: 130 new Americans take their oath of citizenship welcomed by honorable speakers Mayor Nancy McFarlane, NC Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall, and US Representative, David Price.

10:30AM – 2PM

Play is a Universal! Global Flights and Science

Viva Bilingualism! Spanish Converstaions

Folktales and Masks

French Chanson Singalong




11AM – 12:30PM Malagasy Lemur Puppet Show

1PM – 2PM French Chanson Singalong

1PM – 5PM Scottish Golf

2PM Ukranian Gymnastics 

3PM Multilingual Musical Stories

5PM – 7PM Hula Hoopin’ with the Pickle Mamas


10:30 – 12PM Global Arts and Crafts

Get creative while being global. Make a flag to represent the country of your choice, then create a bracelet to match.   

11:30AM – 1PM Irish DancersFinger Puppet Workshop

12PM – 2PM Music Making and Playing

Drums, maracas, castanets, oh my! Make and decorate your own percussion instrument. Then play in our drum/music circle, and learn some new rhythms from countries around the world.

1PM Ukranian Folk Tales

2PM – 4PM World Tennis Match

France, Australia, Great Britain, and the U.S. What do these places have in common? They host the four tennis tournaments that make up a Grand Slam. You’ll be serving like Serena Williams and rallying like Rafael Nadal with the help of our tennis coaches.

3PM – 4PM French Chanson Singalong

4PM – 6PM Creating Headbands and Bracelets with a Colombian Flair

4PM – 6PM World International Games

Ever played Lotería or mancala? Do you know where they’re from? Here’s your chance to learn about and play traditional games from around the world. From colonial America to modern times, you’ll have a great time with your friends as you play the night away!

5PM – 7PM Hula Hoopin’ with the Pickle Mamas

6PM – 8PM World International Rugby

With its origins in ancient Greece and Rome, rugby is a popular sport in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries around the world. You’ll have a great time as you and your friends play a kid-friendly version of this game.