Yanina Salerno

Asheville, NC

Yanina is a multi-media sculpture and metal artist and the founder of BioForest Restore , an outdoor class experience that offers participants an opportunity to be guided into the forest for healing and relationship-tending with the other-than-human world. She is a certified Sivananda Yoga and Meditation teacher, holds a Body-N-Balance Pilates certification, is a certified Reiki practitioner, an Herbal Plant medicine apprentice, a Pachakuti Mesa Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts apprentice, has earned a Diploma in Metals, as well as, Forest Management Technology-Natural Resource Specialist. Yanina is currently working towards the North Carolina Environmental Education 200 hour Certification, a nationally acclaimed program involving rigorous requirements across multiple disciplines. Yanina is now working out of her home studio where she resides, in the majestic, ancient mountains of Asheville, North Carolina and guides forest experiences independently and through the North Carolina Arboretum- Asheville.

Artist’s Statement

“My creative process begins with radical embodied awareness and deep contemplation to allow inspiration and energy to flow. My work is spirit-led and I am simply a vessel taking action to intuitively and organically construct the object. With this free-form approach to creating, I am able to remain unfettered from self-limiting perceptions and to expand into limitless possibilities in my creative process. My work is inspired by my innate longing to explore and navigate the ebb and flow of the human inner world where our shadows lie. Pondering the soft and delicate tendrils of our psyche through creative representation of suffering, ritual, surrendering and awakening.”


Fine Silver Inlay, Stone, Resin




Fine Silver Inlay, Stone, Bronze, Resin 

Paryaqaqa was a god of water in pre-Inca mythology that was adopted by the Inca. He was a god of rainstorms and a creator-god. He was born a falcon but later became human.




Fine Silver Inlay, Stone, Resin 

Pachamama is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting, embodies the mountains, and causes earthquakes. Her shrines are hallowed rocks, or the boles of legendary trees.



Mama Killa 

Fine Silver Inlay, Stone, Cubic Zirconia, Resin 

Mama Killa (Quechua) [Mother Moon] was the moon goddess and it was believed that she gave the Inca people silver through her tears. She was the goddess of marriage and the menstrual cycle, and considered a defender of women.




Fine Silver Inlay, Stone, Copper, Resin 

Rainbow God who brings color and positivity to the earth and all living things.



Inti Tayta 

Fine Silver Inlay, Stone, Copper, Brass, Resin 

Inti was the God of the Sun, and one of the most important deities of the Inca pantheon. As a solar god, Inti is closely related to agriculture, since the sun as a celestial body provides the fields with the light and heat they need to grow crops.