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Here are the different types of events we host for you to discover the world in Raleigh:

Global Socials:

Global Socials are events that bring together International Focus’s community. Attendees are from diverse cultural backgrounds and the setting offers a positive engagement across communities.  Typically, these events draw working professionals, local officials, business owners, students from area universities/high schools, and retired international affairs experts. When international leaders are in town, they usually take part as speakers. A multicultural artistic performance is also part of the event!

*Snacks or light hors-d’oeuvres and refreshments are served.


  • We’ll list Global Social events here as they are scheduled. Currently, there are no upcoming events. Please check back soon for updates; we’ll be adding more soon!

Coffee and Conversation

Coffee and Conversation with emerging leaders is a informal event. This morning gathering allows International Focus members to meet and connect with international leaders and learn about their experience in their homeland and other relevant current events. *Coffee is complimentary.

Come mingle with international visitors, leverage your connections around the world, and be an IF Ambassador.



  • We’ll list Coffee & Conversation events here as they are scheduled. Currently, there are no upcoming events. Please check back soon for updates; we’ll be adding more soon!

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Delegation Arrivals:

September – October 2024

Theme: UNC School of Government Initiative

Open World – NC / Moldova partnership

June 2024

Theme: Members of Parliament

Open World – Moldova

April – May 2024

Theme: Local Public Administration & Civil Society for Economic Development

Open World – Moldova

March 2024

Theme: The U.S. Electoral Process

Delegation: Indo-Pacific and South and Central Asia

February 2024

Theme: Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists – Media Responsibility in an Age of Disinformation

Delegation: Africa

January 2024

Theme: Trafficking in Persons

Delegation: Near East and North Africa

Fall 2023

Theme: Members of Parliament

Delegation: Moldova

October 2023

Theme: Rural Women Entrepreneurship

Delegation: Moldova

October 2023

Theme: U.S. Foreign Policy – Global Challenges

Delegation: Europe

October 2023

Theme: Advancing the Integration of Foreign Unaccompanied Minors

Delegation: Spain

October 2023

Theme: Hidden No More: Empowering Women Leaders in STEM

Delegation: Multi-Regional 

November 2023

Theme: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Indo-Pacific

Delegation: Timor-Leste

November 2023

Theme: Expanding Tourism to Grow Tunisia’s Economy 

Delegation: Tunisia

December 2023

Theme: Sports Diplomacy

Delegation: Lebanon

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