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The International Visitor to Raleigh have been supplying blog post about themselves and they will soon be displayed here!

Introductory Blog: An International (Focus) Perspective

By: Samuel Josephson, IVLP Program Coordinator, International Focus, Inc.


Email: contact@internationalfocus.org

Social Media: https://www.linkedin.com/company/international-focus-nc/

Throughout our Website and Social Media, our members and site visitors will get what amounts to an overview of the programs in which we offer, but this does not allow for a full understanding of the impact of our programs on the visitors, community, and the world at large. The perspective of International Focus is that the visitors will be able to give their true perspectives of their visit to Raleigh and the United States, as well as talk about their lives in order to show all those who read the blog a closer yet more international perspective. 

As a staff member at International Focus, I have found that many of the aspects that I see and hear from the visitors are not our stories to tell, by having this outlet for the visitors to tell their own story in their own words it allows for all those internationally minded people in the triangle to have a sample of the opportunities that our Home Hospitality and Professional partners get through reading the stories and ideas of the visitors. 

If you would like to hear some of these stories first hand, become a member and receive invites to our member-only events and gain the opportunity to become dinner host for international guest. If being a home host is not possible, come to our Global Socials or look under our events page to see what you can do to become involved. While this blog may be a start, only through involvement with the international community can one truly get that international perspective.